Pre-Teen Muay Thai Boxing Classes

Ages 9-12

The Pre-Teen Muay Thai Boxing program is designed especially for children 9-12 years old. They are more advanced than the kids in the younger group but do not have the same skill sets as the teens or young adults. Therefore, we designed a training and learning program just for them.

In this program, your child will work on balance, coordination and strength exercises in a fun and safe environment. They will be taught discipline, team work and respect as they interact with their team mates during kick pad drills and light playful contact sparring. They are taught to hold pads for one another and the properly use a heavy bag without assistance. They are also taught Muay Thai terminology and how to transition between techniques with fluidity.

At this level, we emphasize the quality of movements, body mechanics, balance and accuracy to ensure that they keep each other safe. There is a strong focus on defensive skills before they advance to the Teen class in order to prepare them for more advanced tactics and strategies with emphasis on safety.